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“Join the movement” is the seminar of the novelist Essam Yousuf at SU.

This morning, Suez University organized a seminar called “Join the movement” under the auspices of prof. dr. Al- Sayed Al- Sharkawy. The seminar was attended by prof. dr. Alaa Alddin Mohammed Younus, the leader of the (students for Egypt) team. Prof. dr. Ali Hussain Atta, SU vice president of education and students affairs, met the novelist, scenarist, and the youth Ambassador at the UN fund, Essam Yousuf.

The SU vice-president delivered a speech welcoming the University's guest, thanking him for selecting Suez University to be the first Egyptian university in which he started promoting the 17-goal project.

In his speech, prof. dr. Alaa Younus, the team leader, was deeply grateful to Yousuf for supporting the activities of (students for Egypt) team. prof. dr. Alaa Younus also explained some service activities that the team presented during the previous period.

After that, Essam Yousuf talked about his program that seeks to achieve 17 goals such as putting an end to poverty and hunger, improving health care, providing renewable energy, and many other ambitious goals. However, he encouraged the entrepreneurship ideology of medium, small and micro enterprises as well as he reviewed successful model experiences of young people who have been able to make their dreams of work and diligence come true.

At the end of the event, Suez University geniuses team who won the second place at the universities geniuses competition was honored. Then, SU vice-president appreciated the novelist Essam Yousufs great cultural role in the society and honored him with the university shield.


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Announcement ….

 Suez University announces that capacity tests are continuous till tomorrow, Thursday the 12th of August 2021, at the University's faculties according to the pre-scheduled dates for students by the Egyptian university admissions coordination site.


Best wishes for all

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Essam Yousuf, the novelist is at SU next Saturday

Under the auspices of prof. dr. Al- Sayed Al- Sharkawy and the supervision of prof. dr. Alaa Alddin Younus, the leader of (students for Egypt) team at Suez University…

At an important seminar called “reinvent the wheel”. the SU student union hosts the novelist Essam Yousuf, the TV presenter of "The Geniuses" show.

This seminar tackled the entrepreneurship ideology and what Essam Yousuf has presented throughout his various literary and media career which was converted into leading projects that served the Egyptian society.

This will be held on Saturday, the 14th of August at 12:00 p.m. at Suez University Insha’Allah.

To attend and register the form:

“The 17 Goals” TV show- Essam Yousuf

Idea... Vision... Future

Visit our official website:

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Al-Sharqawi inspection of the capacity tests that qualify to the Faculty of Mass and Communication Technology and the Faculty of Physical Education.

This morning, Prof. Al-Sayed Al-Sharqawi made an inspected tour of the capacity tests that qualify to the Faculty of Mass and Communication Technology and the Faculty of Physical Education. He also assured that all the material and human capabilities are available to hold tests with the utmost precision. Al-Sharqawi conversed with the students who applied for the tests. He also reassured that there are no obstacles wishing them the best wishes.

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Suez University won the gold medal in futsal at “Our Canal brought us together" forum in Ismailia, and also achieved advanced positions in various competitions.

Under the auspices of prof. Dr. Khaled Abdu Al-Gavar, the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research and prof. Dr. Ashraf Subhi, the Minister of Youth and Sports, Suez University delegation was able to participate in the Second Sports forum of the Universities of Canal and Sinai in Ismailia and achieve advanced positions.

The futsal team won the gold medal in the futsal Championship competitions after winning the final match over the University of Sinai team with a score of 3-1.

The other participating teams also achieved advanced positions in various competitions of the Forum.

The results of the university delegation were as the following:

- Student / Mahmoud Amer won the second place in the table tennis competition.

-Student / Sara Mohamed won the third place in the table tennis competition.

 The female basketball team won the second place as well as the male basketball team won the third place.

On this occasion, prof. Dr. Al-Sayed Al-Sharqawy through the SU media center page, send a congratulatory message for all members of the delegation on the positive participation and advanced positions they have achieved on behalf of the University, wishing them sustained success and progress.


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