SU mission & vision

University Vision

The University vision is to:

  • meet the global challenges and keep up with modern technology,
  • meet the needs of the community and promote development,
  • be a beacon of science and scientific research, and community participation in Egypt and the world.

University Mission

Suez University is a pioneering educational scientific institution among the government and private Egyptian universities. It aims to:

  • provide a learning environment that can cater for both teaching and learning potentials,
  • keep abreast of technological developments,
  • face the challenges that encounter both the graduate and scientific research for the sake of Egyptian society development,
  • be a part of the world universities' endeavors of meeting and satisfying human needs,
  • have a stake in the construction of a higher civilization of human development.

Suez University is an academic institution that has a pivotal target to develop thought and enhance both individual and community customs and behavior, intellectually and cognitively.

The University plays a leading role in providing educational opportunities for the people of the Gulf of Suez, Suez Canal, South Sinai and the Red Sea coastal area. It also bears full responsibility to lead the cultural, scientific and development aspects in the areas of education, technology and scientific discoveries.

In addition, the University provides the atmosphere for intellectual and cultural progress in all fields to promote scientific thought.

To achieve this mission, SU mobilizes its human and physical resources to excel and advance. In addition, the SU is working hard to prepare distinguished graduates who possess professional and intellectual skills, as well as aspire for creativity and are able to transfer knowledge and its technological applications through creative and scientific research.

Contact us

Suez, Cairo Road, El Salam City, Suez.
Postcode: 43512
Fax: 0623707067



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