SU history

History of Suez University

Suez University (SU) was established as a government university following the issuance of the Presidential Decree No. (193) for the year 2012 on 22/8/2012. SU had been a branch of Suez Canal University since 2006. It started with six faculties and as of the academic year 2016/2017, it has twelve faculties, with a total number of students of 12354.

 The University faculties are:

  1. Faculty of Petroleum and Mining Engineering: which was established as a High institute of Petroleum and Mining in 1961.
  2. Faculty of Education (established in 1981)
  3. Faculty of Industrial Education (established in 1995)
  4. Faculty of Commerce (established in 2006)
  5. Faculty of Science (established in 2007).
  6. Faculty of Fish Resources (established in 2009).
  7. Faculty of Arts (established in 2014).
  8. Faculty of Economics and Political Sciences (established in 2015).
  9. Faculty of Computer and Information Science (established in 2016).
  10. Faculty of Media and Mass Communication (established in 2017).
  11. Faculty of Medicine (started in 2018).
  12. Faculty of Engineering (started in 2018).

There is an ongoing work to establish the Technical Institute of Nursing.

The University plans to establish new faculties in future, among which is the center for an integrated medical complex, which includes Faculty of Pharmacy, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Physical Therapy and Faculty of Nursing, as well as the University hospital. As part of its national commitment and responsibility to reconstruct Sinai, SU has opened classes for the College of Education in Tur Sinai as a nucleus of new colleges that will pave the way to the establishment of SU branch in Tur City, South Sinai.


Contact us

Suez, Cairo Road, El Salam City, Suez.
Postcode: 43512
Fax: 0623707067



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