A meeting to discuss empowering and qualifying disabled for work

Written by Samuel Philip ezzat

Suez University is keen on empowering and qualifying disabled people for labour market. This morning, SU President Prof. Dr. Al-Sharqawi, held s meeting to coordinate with the relevant faculties. It was attended by deans of Faculty of Education, Faculty of Technology and Education, Faculty of computers and information, and Faculty of Fisheries. The director of special education at Suez Education Directorate and Chairman of Board of Directors of Al-Safaa association for disabled people in Suez have also attended the meeting, as well as Special Education Department staff of the SU Faculty of Education.

Following the meeting, SU President stated that this meeting indicates that SU believes in its role helping disabled people to empower and qualify them through reliance on SU academic staff.

 Al-Sharqawi explained that the meeting had reached several conclusions, including:

* Preparation of a cooperation protocol among the University of Suez, the Ministry of Education and some relevant community associations.

* conducting various studies about their numbers and types of disability.

* Use of SU potentials in qualifying and empowering disabled people.

*Integration of various community organizations, businessmen, and charities in Suez to participate in this project in a way that benefits disabled people.

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Suez university organizes a major celebration to honor martyrs’ families

Written by Samuel Philip ezzat
Suez | March 30, 2021

This morning, Suez University organized a celebration at the University major conference room under the patronage of Prof. Al-Sayyed Al-Sharkawy, President of Suez University, and his vices. It was attended by the council members, number of faculty members and the University staff. Number of nation martyrs’ families from the military and police were honored.

The ceremony was opened with the national anthem, followed by verses from the Holy Quran. After that Prof. Al-Sayyed Al-Sharkawy, President of Suez University, delivered a speech welcoming the attendants confirmed that what the martyers’ duty exerted, embodies the greatest values of allegiance and affiliation. These values flow as blood stream in sincere Egyptians from military and police.


Prof. Al-Sayyed Al-Sharkawy pointed that the martyrs’ families honor from Egypt under the leadership of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is a recognition of Egyptian’s bravery who paid their souls for maintaining the country’s security.

The University president ended the ceremony presenting the Shield of University and token souvenirs to the martyrs’ families expressing the gratitude of all.

May God bless our martyrs, inspire their relatives to be patient, and save Egypt and its people from all hated and evil.

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During the ceremony, researchers were honoured with awards for the International Publishing …… University president: SU was ranked 11th in Egypt by Scimago.

Written by Samuel Philip ezzat

This morning, Suez University organized a ceremony to honour researchers and staff who published their papers in international fields. During the ceremony, SU president announced that Suez University ranked 11th among Egyptian universities and 26th among African universities. He clarified that SU researchers and staff have a major role in raising the university’s rank through publishing outstanding papers in high impact scientific journals.

 Prof.Dr.AL-Sharqawy has encouraged all university staff and researchers to ensure excellence by submitting papers that cope with international standards. He ensured that Egypt focuses on scientific research and gives unprecedented attention for it believing that scientific progress is the way forward.

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Important Notice: Grant for the Teaching Staff in Egyptian Universities to Attain PhD from Seoul National University.

Written by Aya Abdelghany

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announces  a full grant for the teaching staff in the Egyptian universities to attain PhD from Seoul National University in all the fields, especially in the fields of medicine, engineering, agriculture, development studies, and Korean studies. For more information, kindly visit:

University Website

Registration and Conditions Application Form

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