Security General Administration

The General Administration of Security

Written by Aya Abdelghany

The General Administration of Security is concerned with: 

Preparing security plans at university events, occasions and visits · 

Preparing security reports based on daily, weekly and monthly notifications.  

Supervising securing university facilities, entrances, and exits.  

following up and coordinating work among various security departments. 

Supervising the security of facilities and valuable assets.   

Providing and modernizing the necessary security equipment and appliances and preparing the competent security men. · 

Securing all telecommunication and postal services. 

Applying rules and regulations and  supplying data, statistics and other information on university activities.  

Monitoring the process of official document keeping, requesting data and statistics from the university when necessary, and upon approval of the university president. 

Preparing and implementing training and qualification programs to enhance the efficiency of security personnel. 

 The General Administration of Security consists of: 

Personnel and Facilities Security Management. 

Document And Information Security Management


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