Public Relations and Media Administration

The Public Relations and Media Management

Written by Aya Abdelghany

The Public Relations and Media Management is responsible for:


Designing and supervising the implementation of special programs to promote communication among teaching staff, personnel and students. 


Participating in the organization of cultural ceremonies and setting programs of university participation in various national events.


Preparing programs that aim to promote relations between the Suez University and local and foreign universities, as well as scientific and cultural bodies. 

Overseeing Suez University's participation in international events and keeping up with world events. 

Holding friendship events with universities in other countries, supervising the issuance of publications and information bulletins and preparing methods and programs of Suez University outreach. 

Updating the media (the press, radio and television) with news about the University; organizing press conferences and scheduling newspaper delegates' interviews with university officials

The Public Relations and Information Management consists of:

Media and Translation Department

Internal and External Relations Department

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