General Administration for Information Centre and Decision-Making

The General Administration of the Information Center, Documentation and Decision-Making Support.

Written by Aya Abdelghany

This Administration is charged with the following:

Supervising information plans and programs, documentation, translation and publications ensuring they are included within the university annual plan.

Supervising the work of recording, organizing and indexing information, statistics, documents and programs in an accessible retrievable way.

Setting programs and plans to help researchers and specialists with data and  provide them with references related to their work.

Supervising translation programs and publishing the new information and data related to university work.

Supervising book preservation methods in terms of style and display according to the latest methods.

Supervising issuance of bulletins, bibliographies, studies, and periodicals of all types which the Center acquires.  

Supervising library index systems to the benefit of readers and visitors.

Supervising the preparation and drafting of agreements with scientific establishments with the aim of providing  the Center with necessary references and periodicals through exchange, dedication, and purchasing; preparing reports for senior management levels. 

Putting in place the decision-making support plan and supervising it in all stages.

Supervising the preparation of decision-making reinforcement systems and continuously maintaining these systems.

Supervising the implementation and running of the automated plan of information development and university management. 


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