Financial and Administrative Department

Financial and Administrative Supervision Department

Written by Aya Abdelghany


Financial and Administrative Supervision Department is concerned with: 


Preparing a system of rationalizing financial and administrative procedures in the university units that can guide the financial and administrative inspection of all university units and systems engaged in financial activities, in addition to supervising tenders and auctions. 

Preparing plans and programs for regular and irregular inspection of the financial and administrative affairs of the university and college units, and preparing reports on inspections and proposals for tightening internal control, and submitting reports to the competent authorities for appropriate action.

Investigating administrative and financial irregularities referred by the university authorities and providing advisory notes that address any shortcomings or deficiencies.

Preparing rationalization system for financial acts in addition to inspection plans and programs.  

Ensuring the proper application of financial regulations, systems and instructions in university administration, colleges and units engaged in financial activities and point out any irregularities, errors or deficiencies. 

Examining all budget, purchase, stock issues and accounts, taking care of financial custody, personal custody and expenditures in university units, periodically making unannounced inventory inspections.  

Preparing periodic reports on financial inspection findings including observations and proposals, and submitting them to the university authorities for monitoring.  

Receiving reports and correspondence from the Central Agency for Organization and Administration and referring them to competent authority while following up relevant measures taken and preparing a comprehensive report of the results of inspection to be presented to university officials for immediate action redress urgent irregularities.

Financial and Administrative Supervision Department consists of: 

Financial Supervision Department

Administrative Supervision Department


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