Post- graduate Studies System

Post- graduate Studies System

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad

Post- graduate Studies System

University post- graduate studies is divided into:

1. Diplomas:

Diploma studies are studies that tackle academic and applied courses for at least a year and or two years in certain faculties according to the internal regulation of each faculty.


2. Master degree:

The study includes advanced courses and practices on the research and induction methods. It ends with preparing an approved dissertation by the committee; one of its members is the supervisor. The period for attaining this degree shall not be less than two years starting from enrolment after the faculty council approval.

It is required for a student to enroll in a master’s degree:

  • To hold a bachelor’s degree from one of Egypt's  universities with at least good grade or an equal degree from other scientific institutions acknowledged  by the university and the supreme council of universities.
  • To follow for a year the studies approved by the faculty council and pass their exams.
  • To prepare a dissertation in an approved topic by the faculty council after the department council suggestion for no less than from registration.

3. Ph.D degree:

It is based on an innovative research for not less than two years ending with presenting an accepted dissertation approved by a committee; the student may be required to carry out certain advanced studies in accordance with the internal regulations of the faculties.


 A student  enrolling in a Ph.D degree is required :


  • To hold an M.A in a particular specialization degree from one of Egypt's universities or an equal degree from another scientific institution acknowledged  by the university and the supreme council of universities.
  • To conduct innovative researches in an approved topic by the university and faculty councils after the department suggestion for at least two years starting from the faculty council agreement of registration.
  • To stay after registration for at least a year in Arab Republic of Egypt.
  • To present the results of his/her researches in an accepted dissertation by the approval committee.

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