Management of Libraries

Management of Libraries

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad

The message:

The library supports the university tasks and helps at achieving its objectives, developing and transmitting its knowledge. It is the main and vital partner to the academic institution. It provides modern and various sources of information to the academic community. It offers IT service management that relates it directly to the educational and research process.

The objectives:

  • Meeting the students’ needs at the first stage of university and the post- graduate studies to a developed library service.
  • Meeting the requirements of the scientific research to sources of information that is serious and modern whether printed or electronic.
  • Meeting the readers and researchers’ needs from outside the university.
  • Working as a legal deposit to the following:
  • The intellectual production of the teaching staff, teaching assistances and demonstrators.
  • Approve academic dissertations from all faculties and institutions.
  • The issues of scientific periodicals, annual books, statistics, reports, or any other forms printed or electronic.
  • All kinds and forms of the university intellectual production whether locally or globally in various languages.


  • Acting as headquarter for the management of the unified index for all university’s faculties, institutions and scientific departments to facilitate mutual loan service for the university community.
  • To work as a centre for bibliographic education (information culture) for the teaching staff, their assistants, the workers and the students with their objective, research, professional and academic interests that will be in need for a complete group of training courses and
  • The central library is the center of electronic information resources that serve all the sectors and the disciplines specially the references such as the encyclopedia, dictionaries, bibliographies and others.
  • To be the center of developing human resources working in the libraries of the faculties, institutions and the scientific departments, related to the university.
  • To be the center with one integrated community which should be integrated, united and cooperated.
  • To strengthen the relations with the other academic libraries and the centres of specialized information in the world.
  • To make the university in contact with the scientific research and postgraduate in the world through investing the information and communication technology (IT) in opening the regular outreach with the different institutions of information in the world such as libraries, centres, networks and banks of information regionally and universally.

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