General administration for Scientific and cultural Relations

General administration for Scientific and cultural Relations

Written by Doha Elghafir

  Missions, Scholarships, and Sabbatical Leaves Administration


- Preparing plans of missions and sabbatical leaves based on faculties' proposals, in the light of university regulations.

-Allocating scholarships offered by governments, universities and institutes from different countries.

- Helping finalize traveling procedures for missions nominees and study leave seekers.

- Implementing the relevant decisions of Graduate Studies and Research Council.

- Inviting and coordinating meetings for foreign professors, experts, and delegates.

- Coordinating faculty participation in local forums.

-Preparing Annual Statistics


External Scholarships:

  1. The General Administration of Scholarships assigns a number of scholarships for universities according to the specialties accredited by the Supreme Council of Universities.
  2. The Research and Postgraduate Studies Council allocates scholarships to colleges based on university needs of rare specialties and compensating for the lack of teaching staff members.
  3. Duration of the external scholarship for doctorate degree is four years. Extension for the fifth year requires department, faculty, and university approval.
  4. The fourth plan of the five-year scholarships (strating1997-98) states that the salary of the fifth year is internally paid.
  5. According to the third plan of the five-year scholarships, the maximal extension is for the sixth year with an internally-paid salary.

Internal Scholarships:

The following are the requirements for obtaining an internal scholarship. The candidate:

  1. must have a master's degree.
  2. must be registered for a PhD degree.
  3. must not exceed three years since PhD registration.
  4. must not exceed 40 years of age.
  5. University needs of rare specialties and compensating for the shortage of teaching staff members shall be taken into consideration.
  6. A data-collection candidate must pass the required language level and the International Computer Driving License (ICDL).
  7. Data-collection missions shall be funded only for one year (on the expense of the General Administration of Scholarships).
  8. Scholarship start date is shall be considered the date of the approval of the General Administration of Scholarships (maximum five years).

Secondments and Scientific Missions Administration:

  1. Applying the regulations and conditions of seconding teaching staff members to Arab and foreign universities.
  2. Receiving and examining secondment requests presented by teaching staff members, and verifying the contract is valid, legalized, and certified.
  3. Receiving the decisions of faculties councils concerning secondments, short scientific trips, and scientific missions.
  4. Terminating secondments or scientific missions upon a teaching staff member return date.
  5. For the entire duration of secondment, full records of the teaching staff members seconded (internally or externally) must be kept. When the secondment is terminated, the whole record shall be submitted to the Administrative Affairs Department.
  6. Putting into effect the decisions of the Research and Postgraduate Studies Council concerning secondments, short sabbatical leaves, and scholarly missions.
  7. Conducting annual statistics on secondments in each college (classified by academic degree and gender).

 Agreements, Conferences and Seminars AdministrationThis administration is in charge of the following.

1- Finalizing procedures regarding the traveling of the staff members and their assistants to attend conferences, seminars and workshops locally and internationally.

2- Taking necessary procedures to put into effect the decisions of the Council of Graduate Studies and Research.

3- Taking procedures regarding the invitation of professors and foreign experts and the reception of foreign delegations and organizing scientific tours.

4- Taking necessary procedures to secure the Scientific Research Academy's financial support for teaching staff members and their assistants to attend conferences, seminars and workshops abroad.

5- Taking necessary action to facilitate passport and visa procurement in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

6- Preparing annual conference statistics.


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