Academic Affairs Administration

Academic Affairs Administration

Written by Nehal Emad

Academic Affairs Administration:

The administration performs the following tasks:

  • Preparing statistics of the numbers of students enrolled at the faculties.
  • Proposing the number of prospective students to join the faculties of the university and presenting the relevant information to the Student Affairs Council. The administration also conducts the necessary research about the academic affairs in the faculties as well as taking the executive procedures to implement the resolutions of the University Council and the Education and Student Committee concerning the academic system.
  • Reviewing the researches and memoranda about the academic affairs and participating in the preparation of the Education and Student Council concerning the academic affairs.
  • Considering the faculties’ proposals concerning the amendment and the setting of their internal regulations and presenting them to the relevant university councils.
  • Deciding on dates and deadlines of transfer to and from SU through the Central Transfer Office.
  • Holding special committees for students with disabilities and presenting them to the Higher Committee formed by the decree of the SU President and to notify the faculties of the decisions.
  • Preparing lists of cases of suspension, withdrawal and excuses and referring them to the Board of Education and Student Affairs.

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