Administration of Examination Affairs

Administration of Examination Affairs

Written by Yasmien Sayed Gad

The administration performs the following tasks:

  • Taking the executive procedures to implement the resolutions of the University Council and the Education and Student Affairs Committee and the academic subjects. The administration also prepares statistics about the number of registered students in the university faculties and reviews the exams schedules for both first and second terms for the university faculties.
  • Reviewing semester exam schedules of all faculties and referring proposed exam dates to the entitled councils for approval.
  • Preparing and following up the exams for all grades through issuing statistics and daily reports based on students attending or missing exams as well as cases of cheating and deprived students.


  • Providing required invigilators for both first and second term exams in coordination with SU faculties and general administrations.


  • Reviewing exam remunerations of all teaching staff and employees at Suez University faculties, general administrations and affiliate units.


  • Revising exam results in coordination with the different faculties and Management Information System (MIS) unit.

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